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Nhon Duc River Port
  Increasing shipping capacity over river port on purpose to develop waterway transportation of the City
Urban Railway System
  Construction of a mass rapid transit system, which is safe and convenient, to ease traffic pressure of the City.
Multi-Storey Parking Lots
  Building multi-storey parking lots
Traffic points
Binh Tien Road Bridge
  It combines to municipal remodeling and improves centripetal routes, including National Highway 50 and complete construction of transportation corridors to the South of the City.
Projects of Vuon Lai road and Vam Thuat Bridge
  Rehabilitate, upgrade the municipal circulation space capability and assist in goods circulation through National Highway 1A
Belt Roads
  Its function as an urban traffic belt in mass area, routing through satellite cities and crossing almost arterial roads, centripetal roads, radial roads, expressway.
Project of Southern Inter-provincial Expressway
  An inter-regional route that connects directly to traffic network of expressway, national highway, sea port, and airport
Project of expanding National Highway 22 (Trans-Asia Highway)
  It connects traffic belt roads, centripetal provincial roads 12, 15, 16 to create a roundabout network from external traffic routes that enter/exist the City on northwest gateway (Cambodia) and north gateway (Binh Duong Province).
Project of upgrading and expanding Provincial Way 15
  An external centripetal route to the north, connect belt roads 2, 3 and 4 to Tay Ninh Province and related areas.
Ha Huy Giap Parallel Road
  A centripetal route that connect with the existing centripetal national highways, expressways with mass vehicle transport capacity, belt roads and centripetal provincial roads to be a roundabout system of external traffic routes in the area of north-east City.
Xuyen A Bus Station
  Constructing international bus station. A destination for transportation from Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand
Tan Quy Tay Bus Station
  Superseding and upgrading passenger transport system, connected with the western provinces, Ho Chi Minh City, potential industrial zones in the Mekong river delta.
Suoi Tien Bus Station
  Constructing modern inter-provincial bus station connected with the city subway system.
Samco Office Tower
  Constructing trading and office complex
Can Gio Shipyard
  Constructing shipyard factory with minimum capacity 20,000 DWT, repairing the shipyard up to 50,000 DWT.
Phu Dinh Port
  A clue of domestic transportation between Ho Chi Minh City and the eastern and western provinces of the South Vietnam and concomitantly being a transit center of cargo, passenger, and service through river transport.
Ho Chi Minh City’s Automobile mechanical industry zone
  A zone for developing of the automobile engineering field, in spare parts production, new assembling, repairs of transportation means, new designing, renovation and new fabrication of motorized vehicles
North-West metropolitan
  The North-West Metropolitan Area would be a regional center, a modern ecological metropolitan area with the harmony of urban and social infrastructures, ensure a good environment for residents.
Thu Thiem new township
  Thu Thiem will be developed as a dynamic, diverse urban center of HCM City , which comprises facilities for trade, housing, public services, culture and education as well as open space
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