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Ho Chi Minh City targets US$3,600 per capita income in 2012
Date :  26/12/2011
Ho Chi Minh City aims to achieve GDP growth of over 10 percent next year with GDP per capita reaching US$3,600.

It also aims to increase budget collections by 18 percent over 2011 to fetch VND233,000 billion.

Le Hoang Quan, Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee, unveiled the ambitious targets at a conference on December 24 to implement the resolution set by the city’s Party Committee and People’s Council, and the government’s direction on socio-economic development tasks and the city’s budget for 2012.

In 2012, the city will focus on restructuring its economy with priority given to promoting economic growth model and speeding up the implementation of the export promotion program.

It will work on a project to build wholesale and retail distribution networks, and a project to develop e-commerce systems to ensure a timely supply of goods, especially essentials.

The city will also strengthen trade promotion activities, expand and diversify export markets, and implement the price stabilization program effectively in association with the campaign “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods” in order to curb inflation and ensure social security.

According to Quan, HCM city will pay due attention to increasing the quality and efficiency of investment, improving the business environment and sharpening the competitive capacity of businesses, and implementing policies to effectively support investment and business activities.

In addition, it will strengthen management of urban planning, actively cope with climate change, ensure sustainable development and protect natural resources.

Another task is to increase investment in health care, education and training, culture, science and technology, ensure social welfare and effectively resolve social issues. It is also necessary to implement programs on administrative reform, thrift practice and waste prevention, anti-corruption, along with ensuring national defense and security, maintaining political stability and improving the efficiency of external affairs.

Source: VOV

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