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Event Date
Meeting between Thai buyers and importers and Vietnamese enterprises in 2020 30/10/2020 - 30/10/2020 Online platforms
Online seminar "Digital transformation - business model transformation" with Topic 2 "Solutions for small and micro businesses. Technology applications for businesses in the phase of Covid epidemic prevention " 29/8/2020 - 29/8/2020 On SureMEET platforms
Online seminar on "Digital transformation and key legal points to take advantage of opportunities from EVFTA" 26/8/2020 - 26/8/2020 Online meeting room via Zoom tool (Organizers will provide ID and Password after receiving your registration)
Online Trade Promotion Conference: "Vietnam - India trade is in the new normal" 17/6/2020 - 17/6/2020 Online via Cisco Webex / Zoom Cloud Meetings application.
Online seminar 'Vietnam - India; a new model of cooperation during the situation of Covid 19 ' 12/6/2020 - 12/6/2020 Online via Zoom Cloud Meetings or Cisco Webex Events
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